Meet the Author

Nathan is born and raised in Mildura. He grew up in Red Cliffs, studied at Red Cliffs Secondary College and Mildura Senior College, before moving to both Melbourne and Adelaide, where he studied forensic science at Swinburne University and human anatomy at the University of Adelaide.

Since this, he has assisted in numerous forensic research projects involving the detection of clandestine graves. Nathan has also been employed in various laboratories and mortuaries gaining first hand experience.

Nathan’s passion for true crime began when he was only 12. He spent a week at a forensics camp in Armidale in NSW and was hooked. He has since learned all he can about forensic investigation, including entomology, anthropology, pathology and crime scene examination.

Nathan’s fascination for researching the historical forensic evidence of regional crime scenes and murder cases has led to Monsters of the Mallee volume one, his first book.